David Pachefsky

Sell Your Home

David Pachefsky provides personalized services to each of his clients in Milwaukee's North Shore, guiding them through the home selling process seamlessly from listing to closing.

Initial Meeting

1 Initial Meeting

An initial meeting and tour – David will meet you at your property for an intro and to discuss next steps.

Listing Price

2 Listing Price

A listing price recommendation and recommendation of repairs for a top dollar price – David will provide a listing price recommendation based on the market and condition of your property. This may include a recommendation of small investment repairs or upgrades to get a higher selling price.

Staging & Photos

3 Staging & Photos

Furniture, staging, and photos – David will recommend what furniture to include or remove from your property. If needed, David will bring in a staging company (at no cost to you!) to help get the property looking the best it could be for photos for the online listing.

Marketing Plan

4 Marketing Plan

Marketing plan and formally listing the property – David will create a marketing plan with the Powers Realty Group to get your property sold quickly. Your property's listing will go up on MLS, Zillow, Redfin, etc.

Open House

5 Open House

Going live – David will market an open house to meet with other brokers and prospective buyers to sell your property. This is a proven success!


6 Sold!

Sold! – David will sell your property. It sounds like a lot, but is a painless process. Throughout your selling journey, David will be a partner with you every step of the way.

Want to learn more about the market conditions in your area or understand the process of selling?

Now is the perfect time to ask questions – David would love to chat with you!